Dr Paul Grandjean Perrenod Comtesse


Dr Paul Grandjean Perrenod Comtesse

Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician

Dr Paul Grandjean Perrenod Comtesse is a Dutch Sports and Exercise Medicine physician working at Aspetar. 

In 2007 he completed his medical specialty training in Sports Medicine in The Netherlands, including Exercise Physiology, and completed the international training program ‘IOC Diploma in Sports Medicine’. 

Paul has worked in different professional environments, including a number of sport organisations, and has participated in World Championships and Olympic events.

He has a broad interest in the different aspects of sports and exercise medicine: musculoskeletal medicine, exercise physiology, Exercise is Medicine, rehabilitation, diving medicine, parasports and endurance sports. He has extensive experience with different patient groups and with athletes in different sports, from rehab to Olympic level.

Paul strongly believes in a holistic approach to improve patient and athlete care and the importance of exercise for our health and quality of life.