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If you are unwell contact 16000 (National COVID19 Hotline) to seek guidance.
For the safety of you and others, if you have COVID19 symptoms contact us at  4413 2000 to reschedule. Some appointments are available by Video Consultation, let us know if this option interests you.

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Why Research?

High-level scientific research is of critical importance to Aspetar, as advancing scientific knowledge significantly improves clinical practice for the presenting athletes/patients.

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19 Jun 2022
Aspetar introduce a new advanced therapy to repair cartilage defects in the knee

The first one-stage cartilage repair with freshly isolated Chondrocytes out of Europe. Aspetar, orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, is the first in the region to...

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18 Jan 2022 Aspetar
Aspetar Wednesday Webinar Series - 2022

We will launch the 2nd year of Aspetar’s very popular Wednesday Webinar Series on the 16th of February 2022—the first of 7 Aspetar Wednesday Webinars this year....

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