Dr. Jamal Rashid Al-khanji


Dr. Jamal Rashid Al-khanji

Chief Patient Experience Officer

Dr. Jamal is a physician by training and has spent 11 years in clinical practice before moving to healthcare administration. He was appointed in several senior positions between 2009 and 2016.

He was appointed as Director of Medical Licensing Department in 2009 and was asked to gradually build the first Healthcare  self-regulatory body in Qatar, The Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) which he did and on its deceleration in 2013 he became the first CEO of that Organization. In 2010 he was also appointed as Director of the Healthcare Quality Department which was non active at the time and he developed it to be one of the most active Quality Department in the region organizing the first ISQua conference in the middle east in 2015 and initiating patient safety efforts in the WHO in addition to many major projects in different areas of quality like the new Healthcare Facility Licensing and Accreditation System  where he proposed and implemented a model that was never seen before in any accreditation system in partnership with Accreditation Canada International. 

He also was responsible for creating the first Healthcare Practitioner Registration System which is the most advanced in the region and with that created some major innovative functions like the national Central Sick Leave System (EJAZA).

He is an Advisor for several prestigious international organizations like ISQua and was a member of major national committees like the Permeant Licensing Committee and the National Certification Equivalency Committee.

He is currently a Chief Patient Experience Officer (CPEO) at Aspetar leading Healthcare Informatics, Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory and Facilities & Support Services departments which provides critical support to the patients as well as healthcare providers.