Qatar Registered Athlete

Aspetar NSMP delivers Sports Medicine and Sports Science services to Qatar’s over than 23K registered athletes

Aspetar and through the National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP) is in the unique position of having the capability and knowledge to create, coordinate and drive a national approach in ensuring education, injury prevention, and injury and illness management is readily available for all registered athletes within Qatar, including national teams.

Working in tandem with the Ministry of Youth and Sport (MOYS) and Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC), as well as other sporting authorities in Qatar such as the Supreme Council for Development and Legacy (SCDL, formerly Q22), NSMP aims to continue the development of world class clinics within existing and future clubs and federations under our care and guidance, ensuring that they are also provided with effectively integrated Aspetar services.

Aspetar’s provide clinical based approach that help standardise care across all clubs and federations. By creating a focal point within each facility it will increase the availability of practitioners for multiple sports, teams and individuals, and will foster a multi-disciplinary approach to athlete management. The addition of sports sciences and the integration of coaching and athlete services allow for athlete care performance, as well as create a vehicle for community based access to sports medicine specialists.

NSMP is changing the standards that are expected in this field, and is a programme unlike any other worldwide. NSMP, whose main focus is on injury and illness prevention, works closely with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) to ensure that the best medical and sports science services are readily available to all registered athletes. This shared vision of both providing for and supporting Qatari athletes in reaching their full potential is the essence of NSMP, and its influence in maintaining these exclusive services and standards is something no programme before has been able to capture. NSMP optimise athletic and sport performance by planning and establishing medical support in both Aspetar and Qatar’s clubs and federations to effectively control and manage programmes for athletes. In addition, NSMP has a pivotal role in sports science and is resolute in enhancing performance outcomes within clubs, federations and the ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence. This support is provided over many platforms, including initiating ventures such as the Excellence in Football Programme, thereby engaging key stakeholders and coordinating programmes that sustain this approach. NSMP also strongly believe that research is an equally important criteria in understanding this field of expertise, and it plays a large role in NSMP, and Aspetar, achieving our main objectives.

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