Aspetar Guest Portal

Welcome to Aspetar Guest Portal (Electronic Personal Health Record).

This online and smart phone platform enables you to easily access your health information, request appointments, and communicate securely with your healthcare team.

Download the Aspetar Guest Portal app and sign up now using your Medical Record Number (MRN): xxxxxx012.
To sign Up, you need to use your Aspetar Medical Record Number (MRN) in addition to your ID, Passport or Visit visa number.

Your health is our first priority, and we are here to help you manage it more easily.

Need help?
Guests facing technical issues can access a dedicated form on the login page and submit it to the IT team.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Any guest with a unique medical record number (MRN) in ASPETAR.
  • Or /and a guardian of a guest under the age of 18.
  • Or/and a guardian (if exists) of a Special needs guest.
  • Guest can register online where he/she must use his/her existing medical record number (MRN) to create the account and receive an SMS notification or email.
  • Please Use Aspetar Website.
  • No, this App is not to be used for urgent or emergency communication. This App is to refer to your medical data, contribute to your treatment journey and to communicate with us.
  • This App is not for urgent or emergency requests. Kindly call us for such cases.
  • The responsible guardian will be able to register, operate and be accountable for the patient portal on the behalf of minor patient. The relevant SMS message will go to the guardian’s mobile number. 
  • As a guardian, you can have access to two different accounts with two different respective medical record numbers (MRNs). 
  • You can upload any document as a PDF when you request an appointment (through the App) or send it to us via email. It will be saved in your file after validation.
  • In the sign-in page has Sign -in instructions and inside ‘Aspetar Guest Portal’, you can find the user guide which has the relevant details about the portal. 
  • Before you log in: On the log in page, you can go to technical support.
  • After Logging in: you can go to help and technical support