Dr. Lasse Lempainen


Dr. Lasse Lempainen

Muscle and Tendon Consultant - Visiting Orthopaedic Surgeon

Adjunct Professor Lasse Lempainen is a specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery at Pihlajalinna Hospital in Turku and Helsinki (Finland), Ripoll y De Prado in Madrid (Spain), and La Madonnina Clinic in Milan (Italy).

He obtained his degree in Medicine from the University of Turku in 2004, where he also earned a doctoral degree in 2009 and specialised in Orthopaedic Surgery, in 2011. Since 2018, he has also been an adjunct professor in Sports Orthopaedics at the same university.

Lempainen's main interest lies in Sports Orthopaedics, with special expertise in lower limb surgery, including injuries and issues related to:

  • knee
  • hamstring
  • ankle
  • rectus femoris, quadriceps
  • adductor, groin
  • patella
  • achilles tendon.

Dr. Lempainen performs approximately 350 surgical procedures per year related to:

  • knee, meniscus, and ligament reconstructions (ACL, MPFL)
  • muscles and tendons (hamstring, Achilles tendon, rectus femoris, adductor, patella, quadriceps, peroneus, biceps)
  • ankle and foot (tendons, ligaments, fractures).

He also collaborates with many international football clubs, including FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus FC, AS Roma, and Parma Calcio.

In addition to clinical practice, he conducts research activities primarily in the field of Orthopaedic Medicine and Sports Medicine, especially related to injuries and issues concerning the rectus femoris muscle, Achilles tendon, and hamstring (the latter being the subject of his doctoral thesis in 2009: "Surgical treatment of hamstring injuries and disorders – the clinical spectrum from chronic tendinopathy to complete rupture").

His publications can be found on PubMed.