Revolutionising Hand Surgery: Aspetar Unveils First-of-its-Kind Conference in the Region

26/10/2023 04:08 PM

Aspetar, Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital, proudly launched a three-day event today at its facility. This ground-breaking event, titled the "Wide-Awake and Minimally Invasive Hand and Wrist Surgery Conference: An Arthroscopic, Endoscopic, and Ultrasound-Guided Skills Lab," is scheduled from October 26th to 28th, 2023, with online access available.

Setting a remarkable precedent in the Middle East, this conference introduces the revolutionary concept of wide-awake and minimally invasive hand surgery. Aspetar extends a warm invitation to medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, allied health practitioners, sports science experts, and coaches, to immerse themselves in this transformative experience.

Wide-awake hand surgery champions safe procedures and superior surgical outcomes while eliminating the risks associated with general anesthesia. This innovative approach ensures the safety of patients, including the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

The conference promises to provide invaluable insights into cutting-edge techniques, including the use of endoscopy (cameras) for routine procedures such as treating carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger fingers, arthroscopy for wrist injuries in athletes, and the application of ultrasound and ultrasound-guided surgery.

This landmark event has attracted participation from medical professionals representing 27 countries across five continents. The esteemed faculty comprises:

Dr. Elisabet Hagert (Chair), Professor Donald Lalonde, Dalhousie University Saint John, Canada,Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus, Canada,Dr. Thomas Apard, France, Ultrasound-guided Hand Surgery Center,Dr. Amir Adham Ahmad, Malaysia, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon,Dr. Benjamin Ferembach, France, Orthopedic and Hand surgeon

Dr. Elisabet Hagert, Head of Hand and wrist Surgery at Aspetar, and Chair of the conference emphasised the significance of the event, stating:

This Conference is an educational platform that explores the innovative techniques and procedures in wide-awake hand surgery, a novel approach in surgical practices. This technique involves lidocaine-epinephrine infiltration to provide anesthesia, eliminating the need for upper-arm tourniquets, and thereby creating a bloodless surgical field. The absence of general anesthesia not only ensures patient safety, even for those with underlying medical conditions but also allows for precise control of motion during surgery, thereby enhancing functional outcomes.

In a sports world where athletes often seek efficient and minimally invasive treatments, there is a significant demand for diagnostic and treatment approaches that ensure safety while facilitating a swift return to physical activity. Ultrasound-guided injections and surgeries, as well as the utilisation of endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures, have become essential instruments for the effective management of prevalent hand and wrist conditions.

Recognising the need to share its extensive knowledge in the field of sports medicine and orthopedics, particularly within the MENA region, Aspetar formed a distinguished scientific committee. This committee's aim is to provide a comprehensive course tailored to physicians, surgeons, sports medicine practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses, and pharmacists who closely collaborate with hand surgeons.

The initiative strives to expand the understanding and application of wide-awake and minimally invasive surgical techniques, which have the potential to revolutionise the treatment of hand and wrist pathologies.

The conference features hands-on workshops and the Surgical Skills Lab at Aspetar Training Surgery Center, offering a unique opportunity to apply endoscopic and arthroscopic techniques using real samples. This pioneering event promises to be a game-changer in the field of wide-awake and minimally invasive hand surgery.


About Aspetar:

Aspetar is a world-leading specialised orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital and the first of its kind in the Middle East. Since 2007, with a world expert team, the hospital has provided top-level comprehensive medical treatment to all athletes in a state-of-the-art facility that sets new standards internationally.

In 2009, Aspetar was accredited as a “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” by F-MARC. In 2013, Aspetar was adopted as a reference collaborator centre by the Gulf Countries Council (GCC) Health Ministers Council and “The IOC Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health” in 2014.

In 2015, Aspetar has been recognised as the “IHF Reference Centre for Athlete and Referee Health”. In the same year, the hospital also achieved obtained-on December 15 the Accreditation Canada International (ACI) “Platinum Level”.

Aspetar is a member–organisation of Aspire Zone Foundation, Qatar’s innovative sports and healthy lifestyle destination.

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