The National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP) delivers high-quality sports medicine and science services to all athletes in Qatar; and is the unique concept at the very heart of Aspetar’s mission.

The NSMP was established by Aspetar in 2009 with the aim to develop and deliver high-quality sports medicine and science services to all sport clubs and federations in Qatar, and to all athletes at the Aspire Academy - a role that is key to Aspetar achieving both its mission and vision.

NSMP is changing the standards that are expected in this field and is a programme unlike any other worldwide.

NSMP, whose main focus is on injury and illness prevention, works closely with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and the Ministry of Culture and Sport (MOCS) to ensure that the best UpToDate medical services are readily available to all registered athletes.

This shared vision of both providing for and supporting Qatari athletes in reaching their full potential is the essence of NSMP, and its influence in maintaining these exclusive services and standards is something no programme before has been able to capture.

NSMP optimise athletic and sport performance by planning and establishing medical support in both Aspetar and Qatar’s clubs and federations to effectively control and manage programmes for athletes. The NSMP is able to coordinate aNational approach to ensure the optimal education and injury prevention, as well as injury and illness managementof registered athletes, including all National Teams.

NSMP also strongly believe that research is an equally important criteria in understanding this field of expertise, and it plays a large role in NSMP, and Aspetar, achieving our main objectives.


Satellite Clinics within Clubs and Federations

NSMP’s high service standards within both Aspetar and Qatar’s clubs and federations include effectively controlling and managing programmes for athletes by planning and establishing NSMP medical support while recruiting, certifying, training and providing continuing education and management for all medical teams, as well as creating a medical infrastructure to accommodate the NSMP programmes and a sustainable system for high performance and sports excellence.

To complement this medical infrastructure, NSMP has implemented an Electronic Medical Record which allows for securely sharing of accurate, up-to-date relevant medical information of an athlete between care providers.  Physicians can access complete medical information of an athlete in real time from anywhere in the world which helps clinicians provide best medical care to athletes even if they are away in training camps.  NSMP has customized the solution to cater to athlete work flow based on best practices and standardized treatment relying upon research and athlete injury prevention programs.

Since its inception it has grown substantially, and the 250 strong NSMP team members now supply 18 clubs and 24 federations in Qatar.


NSMP Mission and Vision

Aspetar is mandated to prepare and implement a national programme for sports medicine by coordination with sports bodies and local social institutions, and NSMP aims to be that entity by delivering world class end-to-end sports medicine for Qatar’s athletes. 

Aspetar’s mission and vision encompass operating remedial and medical facilities related to all sports medicine and field injuries, as well as sharing in the development of sports medical science in all levels locally, regionally and internationally. As a programme of Aspetar, NSMP's mission also includes assisting Aspetar to achieve its stated goals and objectives in assisting all athletes reach their full potential.