Altitude Dormitory

Altitude Dormitory

Team-sport players are required to repeatedly produce skilful actions at maximal or near-maximal intensity (e.g., accelerations, changes in pace and direction, sprints, jumps and kicks), interspersed with brief recovery intervals (consisting of rest or low- to moderate-intensity activity).

High-intensity training under hypoxia likely improves buffering capacity, lactate exchange and removal, tissue O2 extraction, glycolytic enzyme activity, citrate synthase activity and myoglobin content.

The Aspetar Altitude Dormitory is a purpose-built normobaric hypoxic facility that utilises an oxygen filtration system to reduce the concentration of oxygen in the air. The rooms can re-produce an altitude range from 500 to 4500 metres, enabling athletes to adopt a “live high-train low” regime whereby they can reside in comfort at raised altitudes, while training at sea level. This regime has the potential to enhance endurance performance by encouraging the body to increase the red blood cell production, and hence oxygen carriage.

Athletes are required to spend a minimum of 12 hours per day/night in the hypoxic room or the surrounding common rooms over a period of 3-6 weeks, while his/her vital signs and oxygen saturation levels are checked on a daily basis by a physiologist.

Aspetar has 25 normobaric rooms, all of which offer 5star services such as 24h room services, internet, etc.