Fitness Area

Physical Coaches Area

To have a healthy body, you need to have a healthy brain.

To help an athlete maintain their fitness conditioning while they recover from injury, Aspetar’s Rehabilitation Department has a large and fully functional fitness area staffed by physical coaches trained to manage a patient’s fitness needs.

Innovative and state of the art equipment compliment an endless variety of specific programmes and exercises, while our highly trained staff perform an in-depth assessment before creating an individualised programme for every patient. These steps protect the already injured area while maintaining, or even improving, the rest of the body during the athletes recovery from injury to return to sport. In addition, our team of physical coaches work closely with the male and female rehabilitation team of physiotherapist to ensure optimal programming for the patient from day one.

Our physical coaches are touching every area of the human body. They spend their time analyzing the person to find the best way to assist them improving physically but also mentally (concentration issues, depression, stress, etc.).

After analyzing the athletes, our physical coaches will put a system in place that will orient the athletes towards success.

The physical coaches will follow the athlete from his first step in the area until the end of his session. They will stimulate him, motivate him, increase the awareness on how the body function (helping him to understand), teaching him how to handle fatigue, stress, etc.