Digital orthotic laboratory

Digital Orthotic Laboratory

With a digital orthotic laboratory where fully customized foot orthoses are designed and manufactured by our expert Sport Podiatrists, Aspetar is a unique destination for management of foot injuries and pain. This service is also available for international delivery.

From those who simply want to be active to Olympic and World Champions, our Podiatrists have extensive experience and access to cutting edge tools such as high-speed video, plantar pressure, 3D laser foot scanning, computer aided design software . If you have a foot injury or or just want a thorough screening, contact us now for a consultation.

In Aspetar, the podiatry team uses state-of-the-art digital technology to scan the foot shape using 3D laser scanning.  This individual foot measurement is used to design a model of the foot support.  A precision milling machine then turns the raw material into a finished product.  After a last inspection and the finishing touches of our experts, the custom support can be fitted in your shoes.

Gait assessment

Most sports will involve some degree of walking or running. Our Aspetar Podiatry service provides an in-depth clinical evaluation of your walking or running style. 

This can help to better understand why injuries happen, or why certain shoes work better for you than others

Custom Foot orthotics

Foot orthotics are often an important part in the treatment of foot and lower limb injuries.  Our team of experts can help to assess, analyse and decide what type of foot orthotic or shoe, works better for you.

Gait retraining

Not every lower limb injury needs to be treated with orthotics.  Do you ever wonder if your running style needs to improve?  Our Aspetar Podiatry service provides an in-depth clinical evaluation of your running style and can provide gait retraining sessions to optimise your run