Useful Information

Useful Information

1. Policy

Aspetar has adopted the concussion guidelines of the England Football Association (FA).

2. Concussion Toolkit

  • a. Aspetar Sport Related Concussion Flowchart download pdf
  • b. Patient and caregiver information for the first 48 hours after concussion download pdf
  • c. Concussion recognition Tool (CRT) download pdf
  • d. Sport concussion Assessment Tool 5 (SCAT5) download pdf
  • e. Sport Concussion Assessment Tool for children (ChildSCAT5) download pdf
  • f. Return to sport protocol download pdf
  • g. Coach and manager information sheet download pdf

3. Video Library

  • a. Aspetar Sport Related concussion Workshop Link
  • b. SCAT5 demonstration Link
  • c. Video clips

4. Useful Links:

5. Publications