Altitude Training

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Altitude Training

The Aspetar’s Altitude Dormitory has been designed to help get you in the best possible conditions for your next big competition.

The Aspetar Altitude Dormitory is a purpose-built normobaric hypoxic facility that utilises an oxygen filtration system to reduce the concentration of oxygen in the air. With this technology, the rooms can re-produce an altitude range from 500 to 4500 metres, enabling athletes to adopt a “live high-train low” regime whereby they can reside in comfort at raised altitudes, while training at sea level in various sporting facilities in Aspire Zone and in the rest of Qatar. This regime has the potential to enhance endurance performance by encouraging the body to increase the red blood cell production, and hence enhance oxygen carrying capacity.

Athletes are required to spend a minimum of 12 hours per day/night in the hypoxic room or the surrounding common rooms over a period of 3-6 weeks, while his/her vital signs,  oxygen saturation levels, sleeping patterns and responses to training are checked on a daily basis by a sport physiologist.

Aspetar has 25 normobaric rooms, all of which offer 5star services such as 24h room services, internet access, digital TV channels, laundry facilities. Tailored programmes can be developed with access to Aspire Zone training facilities like: swimming pools, indoor and outdoor sport courts, strength and conditioning facilities, athletics indoor and outdoor track, running and cycling tracks.

Thanks to access to environmental and hypoxic training rooms, athletes can also perform training sessions at simulated altitudes and/or in specific environmental conditions with treadmills and/or cycling ergometers.